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Creative Days Gift vouchers for short courses in arts, crafts and country skills, one day or 2/3 day residential. Many forms of art, embroidery and skills such as willow weaving, basket making, spinning & weaving
Price Range :£50 - £99.99
A Season Ticket to holidays in the sunny south-west of France for life for a once only payment of £169.
Price Range :£150 - £499.99
Gite Bonds
Design & make your own clock e-kit Includes CDRom featuring clock designer software, Design - print and assembly guides, clock quiz, web links and clock parts.
Price Range :£10 - £19.99
One of 5 products packaged in unique, glossy and very colorful eye catching 6”x6” cubed boxes. They include ‘Become a Television Presenter for a Day’, ‘A Recording Artist’, ‘A DJ’, ‘A Magazine Cover Star’ and ‘ Become a Dancer’.
Price Range :£100 - £149.99
Aspire to be a DJ
Remote Controlled Fart Machine Fabulous Practical Joke. You place the box near your victim and operate the remote control from as far as 50 feet.
Price Range :£10 - £19.99
The CD contains four meditations of different lengths with a rhythm track of bells and gongs. The rhythm track starts at a relaxed breathing pace. Allow the timing of your breath to follow the music. The tempo of the music leads you into the meditation.
Price Range :£10 - £19.99
Ultimate Meditation CD
Artist's Starter Kit A beautiful presentation box containing a balanced pallette of 8 tubes of ChromaColour Artists Colours and a brush.
Price Range :£5 - £9.99


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