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Music and Verse

Ultimate Meditation CD The CD contains four meditations of different lengths with a rhythm track of bells and gongs. The rhythm track starts at a relaxed breathing pace. Allow the timing of your breath to follow the music. The tempo of the music leads you into the meditation.
Price Range :£10 - £19.99
Personalised verse for any occasion - new baby, wedding, birthday, retirement - incorporated in a card design of your choice. A unique gift that speaks volumes.
Price Range :£20 - £49.99
New Bold Odes
Gift of Music Unique gift of personalised Scottish music - specially composed and recorded in honour of a loved one - any occasion such as christening, wedding, birthday, Christmas etc
Price Range :Over £500
Highly customised, guaranteed one-off poems for special occasions, printed on top-quality, hand-made parchment.
Price Range :£20 - £49.99
Personalised Poetry
Personalised Odes Odes written for special occasions - personalised from information supplied
Price Range :£20 - £49.99
Relaxation CD for babies and parents
Price Range :£5 - £9.99
Baby Cello
Personalised childrens CD's Great gift for babies and children. Children love hearing their name within the music. 3 main collections to choose from, Lullabies, Fun and games and the Christian collection.
Price Range :£10 - £19.99
Danny Boy, Music sheet and miniature replica violin set in a shadowboxed frame with a Danny Boy musical wind up attached to the back.
Price Range :£20 - £49.99
Irish Gift


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